Dr. Perry Hancock, President & CEO
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A Note from Dr. Hancock

Spring is almost here! Our children are getting ready for some great out­door activities and special events. One of those events is our annual Easter egg hunt. Each year, our staff hides hundreds of eggs in the Bayou Park. Cottages have a competition to see who can find the most eggs. Prizes are awarded and everyone has a great time.

This year the grand prize will go to the cottage that is the first to find 9 special eggs. Each of those eggs has a letter inside. When all 9 eggs are found the letters read, HE IS RISEN. When the competition is finished, we will share the true story of Easter, telling the children about the wonderful resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for helping us share the joy and hope of Easter with our children. Most of them come from homes that have never attended church on a regular basis. Easter is just a spring break holiday. But here at LBCH, you make it possible for our children to learn of God's great love in Christ. Please know how grateful we are for your support that is making a difference in their lives every day.

Remember, spring is a great time for your church group to visit our campus in Monroe. The roses will soon be in bloom. You will enjoy the tour and you will be able to see how God is using your gifts to bless our children and families. Call today to schedule your visit.

Thank you again for providing love, care, and hope in Christ through your Louisiana Baptist Children's Home.