Dr. Perry Hancock, President & CEO

Words from Home

by Dr. Perry Hancock President & CEO

Thanks to you, our children are enjoying a great summer! The last few weeks have been filled with Vacation Bible School, cottage vacations, times at the pool, and much more.

This summer, our children visited the Creation Museum and the new Noah’s Ark exhibit in Kentucky. Thank you so much for making that trip possible. It was an experience that they will never forget.

This past week you provided another special event. College students from Lamplight Ministries led a Christian drama and music camp for our children. The theme this year was The King and His Kingdom. On Friday, the children performed for our staff and guests from the community. It was great!

I have to take this time to thank our churches and those of you who provided your generous support this summer through the annual Children’s Home Sunday Offering and through your VBS offerings. Your gifts of love are meeting so many important needs for our children.

As we look forward to the rest of this year and beyond, we certainly need your continued prayers and support. We are excited about the opportunities God has provided for us to share His love, care, and hope. Our HomePlace program for homeless children and their mothers is making a significant impact on those families. Christian Women’s Job Corps is helping the women and their children move toward independence and futures shaped by faith in the One who can supply all their needs.

Our Granberry Counseling Centers are restoring families and bringing help and hope through our counselors. Our Connect 127 foster care and adoption ministries are growing across the state.

Thank you so much for meeting needs and changing lives through the various ministries of the Children’s Home. Until we see you on campus or at your church, may God bless you as you continue to bless His children at your Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home.


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