2017 Annual Ministry Report

In its 117th year of ministry, Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home & Family Ministries continued its mission of providing love, care and hope in Christ for children and families in need. The Children’s Home provided a positive Christian witness through its residential child and family care programs, foster care and adoption ministries, Granberry Counseling Centers, Christian Women’s Job Corps, the Mobile Pregnancy Care Center, and Orphans Embrace.


In 2016, the Children’s Home provided ministry services for over 3,600 children, families, and individuals across Louisiana and in Nicaragua and Haiti. Over 130 of those served experienced the joy of salvation in Christ and received real hope for life and life eternal.

Residential Child & Family Care

Through on-campus and off-campus residential programs, 213 children and 32 mothers were served. An additional 70 families were served through placement referrals.

Christian Women’s Job Corps

Christian Women’s Job Corps provided life and job skills training for 87 women in 2016. A new partnership was established with Rolling Hills Ministries to provide life and job skills training at a compassion center which will open soon in Monroe.

Mobile Pregnancy Care Center

The Mobile Pregnancy Care Center provided a pro-life witness for over 800 women across the state. Early in 2017, the MPCC ministry was transferred to Baptist Community Health Services in New Orleans. The ministry will continue to provide a positive pro-life presence in our state.

Granberry Counseling Centers

The Granberry Counseling Centers staff provided professional Christian counseling for 1,254 individuals during the year. Through its Minister Care program, a partnership with the Louisiana Baptist Convention Pastoral Leadership Team, Granberry provided counseling for 53 Louisiana Baptist minister families.

Orphans Embrace

In 2016 the Children’s Home shared God’s love in word and deed through its international orphan care ministry, Orphans Embrace. Forty-one Louisiana Baptists ministered to over 1,100 children and others in Nicaragua and Haiti. Construction began on a children’s village and school in Haiti which is sponsored by the Children’s Home, several Louisiana Baptist Convention churches, and the state convention.

Connect 1:27 Foster & Adoption Ministries

Connect 1:27 Foster & Adoption Ministries continued to connect children in need with Christian families and churches who care. Our foster and adoption specialists provided support services for 102 foster children across the state and established a goal for 200 additional Louisiana Baptist foster homes by 2020. Thirty-nine Louisiana Baptist couples were served through adoption services.

Thank You!

Louisiana churches once again provided support for the Children’s Home through the Annual Children’s Home Sunday Offering. The offering provides for many of the critical needs the children have during the year. Churches also continued to support children and families at the Home through the Fall Food Roundup which provides all of the non-perishable foods needed for the entire year. In the summer, churches from across Louisiana donated their VBS offerings to support the children. Many churches provided additional support in various ways throughout the year and God used LBC Cooperative Program giving from the churches to share His love with those in need. Thank you Louisiana Baptists and friends of children for meeting needs and changing livves through your Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home & Family Ministries!
Children's Home Sunday Annual Offering • June 17, 2018
Our Christ-Centered Ministries:

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Connect 1:27 Foster &
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