Sponsor a Child or Cottage

Dear Prospective Child or Cottage Sponsor:

Thank you for your interest in serving as a child or cottage sponsor! Sponsors are a great source of encouragement to our children and cottage parents. Sponsorship usually involves an individual, a family, or a Sunday School class being assigned to a child or cottage.

We provide foster care for children ages 5-17 and PathFinders Transitional Living for ages 18-21. Most of our children are placed in our care by the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS). DCFS recognizes us as a foster care community. Most of our children come from hard places in life and have been neglected, abused, or abandoned. DCFS policies require that we maintain the children’s confidentiality, so names or photos cannot be provided.

Our children live in individual homes where they are cared for by loving, Christian foster parents. We try to “normalize” their lives as much as possible and show them what it’s like to be part of a healthy, Christian family. They attend public schools, participate in extra-curricular activities, go to church, go on outings, and take vacations together just like any other family.

  • Child sponsors are encouraged to provide a “little something extra” to help our children feel special and loved. Sponsors may recognize birthdays and graduations, provide Christmas gifts, back-to-school needs, and holiday treats. Cottage sponsors can provide specific cottage needs.
  • Child sponsors may give financially to a child’s personal account to be used by the child, under the supervision of cottage parents, to purchase items outside his/her normal needs that are met by the Children’s Home. Cottage sponsors may give financially to the cottage account to be used to take children to special events, go to a movie, help with a vacation, or purchase items used by the entire cottage. Financial gifts are not required and there are no minimum amounts. Receipts and thank you notes are provided to sponsors.
  • The sponsorship ministry is a bridge in our children’s lives that is meant to be supportive and temporary. Whatever sponsors do for a child or a cottage should be designed to show the love and care of Christ. There is no formal contract or obligation and you may stop at any time.

Thank you again for your interest in serving as a child or cottage sponsor. We value your friendship and partnership in this ministry. If you wish to pursue this ministry, please contact Marc Eichelberger, Vice President of Development & Public Relations, at 318.343.2244 or marc@lbch.org, and he will match you with a child or cottage in need of your sponsorship.

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