Dr. Perry Hancock, President & CEO

Words from Home

by Dr. Perry Hancock President & CEO

The local police department was holding an auction for a number of unclaimed bicycles. Every time the bidding started for the next bike, a young, eleven-year-old boy opened the bidding by shouting, “One dollar!” The auctioneer noticed that the boy never bid more than one dollar on each bike. Having been in the auction business for over 40 years, the auctioneer felt sure that the boy only had one dollar and probably had no bike.

When the last bike came up for auction, the boy again bid one dollar. The bid, however went to eight dollars. Just as the bidding was about to close, the auctioneer shouted, “Sold to that boy for nine dollars!” The young boy was shocked. He also knew that he didn’t have nine dollars. It was then that the auctioneer reached in his pocket, counted eight one dollar bills and gave them to the boy. The boy gave the auctioneer the eight dollars and his one dollar in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

The boy took the bike and was about to leave. But he stopped, carefully parked his prize, and went back to meet the auctioneer. The boy threw his arms around the man and began to weep. He was so grateful for what the auctioneer had done for him.

When I read that story, I thought of our children here at the Home. One of the first things we give each child is a bicycle (and a helmet). But our children receive so much more. You provide them with love and care and hope. And they, like the little boy with the bike, are so grateful.

That is how we all feel at the Children’s Home - grateful. We’re grateful for the churches that recently provided food through the Fall Food Roundup. We’re grateful for friends who give every month through our Hope Builders sponsorship program. We’re grateful for all of you who have made an investment in the lives and futures of our children. Thank you so much for showing your love through your support.