Shanikya, Lucy and Haliyah

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The Hubbards have been part of the HomePlace Ministry for about seven months. Mom Shanikya says it has been such a blessing after years of moving from place to place. She and her little ones stayed with different relatives and friends for the past few years. She has always tried to work to support her family. Their moves often put them in situations where there was a lack of transportation which created challenges in getting back and forth to work. Her sister told her about LBCH and HomePlace. Once Shanikya did some research, she knew there was hope for her and her little ones. After connecting with Susan Clark, Director of Family Care Ministries, things moved quickly, and the family was soon settled into Grace Cottage, later transitioning to Maggie's Place.

Shanikya says the move to the LBCH Campus was an easy one. The girls had a few nights of waking up and wondering where they were. But they quickly adjusted to their new home, which they all love! "The girls have made new friends, and I've had the opportunity to make new friends, too.&rdquo aliyah, 4, is in daycare and Lucy, who just turned 5, is in kindergarten. Adorable in their matching Paw Patrol shirts, they sit side by side next to their mom telling a little bit about their day. They both say their daytime activities are good. Lucy has her coloring book and crayons and is trying to decide which page to color first, showing her mom once the decision is made. Haliyah has a preschool Big Book of Words. Coming to sit beside you, she identifies everything on the page, from turtles to starfish to tigers. This accomplishment is followed by the question, "Can I have one of all of these?"

Shanikya proudly shares that the girls were part of a Christmas program at North Monroe Baptist. The girls grin and nod their heads, "Yes!" They like the music, Bible stories, and all the children&rsquos activities, and they always look forward to Sunday mornings. Shanikya enjoys her time with other single adults. "It helps to have friends who are going through similar things. You get to build on your relationship with the Lord, and you see some who are starting to have that relationship. You get to hear other people's testimonies. Sometimes, you think you have it bad. But hearing others' experiences, it often makes you humble yourself and be more grateful for what you have. It's a good reminder of how blessed I really am."

During their family time, Shanikya and the girls like to watch movies. One of Shanikya's goals is saving for the future and she tries to budget wisely, but she recently treated the girls to a special outing at the mall. "The girls loved riding the bus, and we ate out while we were there. They loved it," she says, as the girls nod in agreement. They are looking forward to more adventures. The campus also offers great places for them to walk and enjoy the outdoors with their campus friends. Shanikya has a part-time job, but she is excited about an upcoming interview for a full-time opportunity. Her short-term goal is to become a pharmacy tech. She has finished the classwork and hopes to begin the clinicals soon. Her long-term goal is to become a pharmacist.

As the threesome heads toward the dining area, the girls give you another round of big smiles and goodbye hugs. Shanikya says that being part of HomePlace Ministry is a huge step toward finding God&rsquos plans for her and her family. "Here, they help you reach your goals. They let you take baby steps and get back on your feet. Here, I can learn how to be a better mom for my kids. It&rsquos a great place for moms and children."


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