Adoption Support

Adoption Support

We are so glad you have decided to learn more about adoption! The Connect 1 Child Team would love to support you throughout your adoption journey. Our Connect 1 Child Team offers faith-based, trauma-informed support for families at each stage of the adoption process. Whether you are new to adoption, recently welcomed a child into your home, or you are interested in post-adoption support, our team can help. We invite you to take a moment to learn more about adoption options, preparing for adoption, post-adoption support, and how Connect 1 Child can serve you.

Adoption Options

There are three different paths towards adoption: foster care adoption, domestic adoption, and international adoption.

Foster Care Adoption

When children enter foster care, the Department of Children and Family Services works diligently with birth parents towards restoring the family unit by addressing issues that led to the child entering fostering care and ensuring that the child will be safe upon returning to the family's home. There are laws and policies that must be followed to ensure that parents are given ample opportunity to regain custody of their children. When a child enters your home with a goal of reunification with their birth parents, you will be supporting this child and their family towards this goal.

Children who are available for adoption through Louisiana's foster care system are typically school-age children. The Louisiana Heart Gallery ( features children who are legally free for adoption and in need of an adoptive family. When you hear of families who have adopted a toddler or very young child through foster care, those cases usually involve situations where the initial goal of reunification was later changed to adoption. In most of those cases, foster families worked towards reunification with the birth parents and the birth parents were not able to regain custody of their children, leading to the termination of their parental rights. It is important to note that these cases are the exception, not the rule. When you agree to foster a child with a goal of reunification, there is no guarantee that they will become available for adoption, and therefore you must be willing to support reunification efforts.

Families who are interested in adopting a child through Louisiana's foster care system are required to become certified as foster parents through the Department of Children and Family Services. Families begin this process by completing Foster Parent Orientation. After completing Foster Parent Orientation, families must complete 24 hours of preservice training and participate in the home study process.

Learn more about adoption through foster care at

Domestic and International Adoption

The process of adopting domestically or internationally typically begins with connecting with an adoption agency and/or home study provider. The home study provider will complete a thorough assessment of your family and home, including interviews with family household members, a safety inspection of your home, criminal background checks, child protection background checks, and more.

Connect 1 Child does not offer home study services for domestic or international adoption currently. Our Connect 1 Child team can help you locate a home study provider and be available for support during the home study process, placement of your child, and beyond. Prospective adoptive families are welcome to participate in support groups and trainings offered by Connect 1 Child. Follow us on Facebook for the most current information about events and services offered by Connect 1 Child.

Our friends at Lifeline Children's Services offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise for families interested in adopting domestically and internationally. Learn more at

Preparing for Adoption

The decision to adopt is lifechanging for both you and your child. It creates a unique experience for your child as they grow and form their own identity. Many families believe that the adoption journey begins during the home study process and ends when the final decree of adoption is issued, legally finalizing the adoption. However, these events are just the beginning of a lifelong journey for your child as they form their own identity that includes their history with their family of origin and their place within your family.

Preparing for adoption involves educating yourself and your family on unique issues involved in adoption and how to best support your child as their needs grow and change throughout their lives. This involves:

As you prepare to adopt, your family will be laying the foundation for a lifelong relationship with your child. With the right tools, you can create a loving, trusting relationship that will offer security and support for your child as they grow and learn more about their history.

Post-Adoption Support

Here are some helpful suggestions for supporting your family and your child post-adoption:

If you have found yourself in a difficult season, please contact us. We would love to help you find tools and resources to support your child.

Connect 1 Child Adoption Support Services

The Connect 1 Child team wants to ensure that adoptive families are adequately prepared for adoption and have access to the support they need once their adoption is final. Our Connect 1 Child team offers:


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