Foster Care and Adoption FAQ

Foster Care and Adoption FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we receive regarding foster care and adoption through foster care.

Do you offer home study services for private adoption?

At this time, we do not offer home study services for private domestic or international adoption. We would be happy to refer you to other providers in your area.

I would like to adopt. Is it possible to adopt through foster care?

Yes! There are over 100 children in Louisiana who are currently available for adoption through foster care and do not have an identified adoptive family. Visit for photos and videos of Louisiana's waiting children. In order to adopt through foster care, you must become certified as a foster/adoptive parent through the Department of Children and Family Services.

For more detailed information about adopting through foster care, contact Kerri Byrd at

How do children enter foster care in Louisiana?

  1. A report of suspected abuse or neglect is received by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).
  2. If the claim meets the criteria as a report of abuse or neglect, DCFS conducts an investigation.
  3. DCFS determines whether abuse or neglect has occurred. If the child cannot safely remain in the family's home, then a Judge may issue an Instanter order, placing the child into the custody of DCFS.
  4. DCFS places the child with a foster family or a relative/family friend, if possible.

When a child enters foster care, where do they go?

Children can enter foster care at any time of the day or night. Children are taken to foster homes if they cannot be safely placed with relatives or family friends. If there are no foster families available in a child's hometown, then the child will be placed with an available foster family in another area.

There is a great need for foster families in general, but especially for those who are willing to take sibling groups, teenagers, and children with special needs. DCFS places children with foster families who can best meet their needs. If there are no families who can take sibling groups in the children's hometown, those siblings will either be separated, or relocated to other areas within their region in order to stay together.

How many children are in foster care in Louisiana?

At any given time, there are approximately 4,700 children in foster care in Louisiana. Hundreds of children enter foster care each year across the state. In 2018, Livingston Parish had the highest number of removals per capita with 328 children removed from 164 homes. Caddo Parish had the most removals over all, with 382 placed in DCFS custody. Source: Livingston Parish News

National statistics for foster care

I can't foster. What can I do?

The possibilities are endless!


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